Halo Ristretto

Bespoke Blend

1 sleeve contains 10 capsules

Chocolate, Caramel, Stone Fruits & Dried Currants

A high intensity blend of distinct South American and Ethiopian coffees.

In a 100% home compostable capsule. Nespresso® compatible.


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Halo Ristretto
Bespoke Blend

Colombia Huila
Brazil Mogiana
El Salvador Monte Sión
Ethiopia Sidama

The world’s best coffees

Colombian Huila, Brazilian Mogiana and El Salvadoran Monte Sión coffees delivering body, sweetness and yellow fruit acidity combined with an Ethiopian Sidama for a chocolatey finish.

In a way that's best for the world

Regular coffee capsules are difficult and expensive to recycle, so most of them end up in landfill. Halo's innovative sugar cane and paper pulp capsules are 100% compatible so wherever they end up, they won't be there long.

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