The Caffeinated Collection - 6 month prepay

1 sleeve contains 10 capsules

Prepay and save 15%

A selection of four sleeves from our caffeinated varieties.

40 capsules of coffee in our home compostable, Nespresso compatible capsules, sent monthly.


Free delivery on subscriptions and orders $75 and over

How does it work?

You pay in advance to receive 6 shipments of our home compostable, Nespresso compatible, coffee capsules. The first shipment is sent once the payment is successfully processed, with the following shipments sent monthly on the same date (or closest date if it's an end of month situation). The next payment is processed in six months and six more shipments will be sent.

Which varieties will I receive?

The four varieties sent each month are chosen from: Ristretto, Indian Parchment, Honduras, Daterra Moonlight, Three Mountain, Pacamara, and Lungo. If you have particular preferences, these can be accommodated by emailing us to request your favourites.

Frequently asked questions